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Phenomenal Woman

A year long adventure in embracing your feminine power

Join us in our exclusive opportunity to invest in your SELF by exploring elements of your feminine power and becoming an even more amazing and successful you on YOUR terms!

Embracing your feminine power Phenomenal Woman!

Through participation in our year-long adventure you will unleash your whole SELF and:

Be authentically you in all the roles you have in your life
Model compassionate leadership that makes a difference in your family, organisations and communities
Gain core confidence that flows through your whole being in all situations
Create your own heart-felt peace and way of well-being to draw strength from daily
Choose your path to your own financial freedom
Connect deeply as we create a life-long community of Phenomenal Women as we pursue the adventures of love, purpose, joy and living together.

Stop apologising for being a Phenomenal Woman by embracing:


Learn to truly receive and give love that makes a a difference to you and others


Discover how to fill your daily choices and actions with meaningful purpose


Explore how to be deeply filled with joy even in adversity or routine


Embrace living your life to the fullest in a sustainable transformational way

Your Phenomenal Woman Adventure facilitators are:

Shamela Kylassum

Shamela Kylassum

Vikki Coombes

Vikki Coombes

Hi, I find people inspirational, and I love empowering them in finding their own brilliance. The benefits I received from a multicultural upbringing and my deep love of the rest of the world are evident throughout my life. My extensive career as a management consultant across a wide range of industries and the broad range of tools in personal development that I am qualified in, allows me to:

  • Empower people to see their own unique qualities and work out how to use them in this world
  • Provide ways for people to find their own paths
  • Reveal to people that being is more important than doing.

Learn more about me and my business through the logo below.

Kia ora, I live a life of constant curiosity, always on the move and exploring new life adventures. With the accumulated wisdom of living in 11 urban centres within 3 countries, studying for 2 degrees and 8 professional qualifications, experiencing 20 jobs across 5 careers and pursuing 100s of varied interests I believe:

  • That each of is wonderfully unique and able to transform
  • In living life to the fullest by being positive in the face of adversity
  • That authenticity is about being your most congruent selfing in any given moment.

Learn more about me and my business through the logo below.

Hi, during the luxury retreat weekends I will offer you the opportunity to connect deeper with your Self and nature through Reiki, yoga and Shamanism. I will also share my healing wisdom based upon my experiences as an organic bio-dynamic gardener and beekeeper.

Pamela Bridges

Hi, I am looking forward to facilitating you in the creation of nutritious vegetarian communal meals throughout the luxury retreat weekends. I shall share my passion for sourcing, preparing and eating a wide variety of delicious food from around the world.

Deeti Vyas Beghin

Hello, when you need someone to answer your logistical questions about your Phenomenal Woman Adventure I’m the woman for you. I am managing all the operational aspects of each event – from the retreats through to the book clubs. Going to be great fun connecting with you!

Susie Searle

Your Phenomenal Woman Adventure includes:

Four luxury retreat weekends of deep learning, real pampering and true collaborating

Eight 1-2-1 transformational coaching sessions with our experienced coaches

Four virtual book club sessions to deepen your personal journey

Four virtual peer encouragement sessions to truly connect meaningfully

Your home for each luxury retreat weekend is:

Longview Manor, a Georgian mansion in Somerset (approx 6.5 miles from Bath). We have exclusive use of all facilities including 11 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

There are a variety of communal spaces indoors where we will learn, connect and play together. A relaxing drawing room, light-filled conservatory, and games room allows us opportunities to have our own space, to connect in small groups or to be interacting together as we deepen our personal learning.

There are extensive landscaped gardens where we shall practice yoga plus explore and interact with nature. For playtime and periods of active wellbeing there is a pool, sauna and hot tub. We also have easy access to walks in the beautiful surrounding countryside.


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